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What is Medical Coding? 

Simply put, medical coding is analyzing information in a medical record and translating it into medical codes based on various coding classifications systems, such as, ICD-10-CM for diagnosis, CPT for procedures and services, and HCPCS Level II for drugs, supplies, etc., using official coding guidelines, government and payer specific guidelines.

Many healthcare organizations require medical coders to be "certified" due to the various healthcare reimbursement laws, regulations and guidelines surrounding medical coding.  To ensure appropriate reimbursement for services provided, complete and accurate coding is essential.  

Here at PhysiCode, we train you on all three code sets (ICD-10-CM, AMA CPT, & HCPCS Level II) and the applicable guidelines necessary to prepare you for the national coding certification exam and begin or enhance your career in medical coding.

PhysiCode is a licensed AAPC Education Provider and has successfully trained aspiring certified coders for nearly a decade. Contact us today to jump start your career and train to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC)


Why choose a career in medical coding

Coding & Billing Salary Survey



Statistics show that despite an unsettled economy, medical coding continues to float quite well. Click here to review the full survey results

A Career in Medical Coding Looks Bright

Certified medical coders are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, US Department of Labor states that “Employment of health information technicians (medical coders) is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for health services is expected to increase as the population ages”.

So, why not start a new career today and better position yourself for the job market. Train with PhysiCode today to become a certified professional coder (CPC).


PhysiCode is an

AAPC Education Provider

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