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The HIPAA Compliance Platform

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Schedule a Security Risk Analysis today and SAVE 10%

Protect your organization and your patients’ information. With Medcurity, you can build or complement your HIPAA Privacy and Security program with the most intuitive tools and helpful guidance available.

From Risk Assessments, to Policies, to BAAs… Medcurity is here to help.








On Site

Whether you are responsible for a very small practice, or a large health system, compliance can be complicated.
With Medcurity, you can select the tools that are most helpful to you.

Conduct your Security Risk Analysis in an intuitive tool with explanations, definitions, and examples throughout. Fulfill SRA requirements for MACRA/MIPS and Promoting Interoperability programs, while building an important gap analysis for your organization.

Need updated policies Medcurity provides Customizable Policies and Procedures for your HIPAA Security program. Build right-sized policies with our guided templates or upload your own as needed, and then share them with your entire team. Keep policies current and receive prompts prior to review dates, all from Medcurity’s platform.

The Security Risk Analysis produces an audit-ready final report. Medcurity also provides you with recommended, risk-stratified remediation actions. You can assign these to team members and track from our executive dashboard.

Track Business Associates in a process that truly makes sense. Maintain all your agreements in one place, push them for e-signatures, and proactively manage your vendors with more confidence.

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If you’d like onsite guidance for any of this, Medcurity’s team of experts will come to you. Contact us for more information.

Experience a better approach to...


Conducting Your 

Security Risk Analysis


Creating Custom Policies and Procedures


Managing Your Business Associate Agreements

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