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(Fast-Track CPC Prep Class)


Class Highlights: 

  • Fast-track CPC Exam Prep Bootcamp is designed for learners that already possess some medical coding or billing skills but desire focused training designed to prepare them to sit for the CPC® national examination.  This training is intense, therefore is not suitable for the novice coder.

  • At a high level, key coding concepts and guidelines are covered on all three codes sets (ICD-10-CM, CPT, & HCPCS Level II) to include but not limited to:

    • Diagnosis coding (ICD-10-CM)​

    • HCPCS Level II

    • Surgery

    • Lab & Pathology

    • Radiology (professional & technical)

    • Anesthesia

    • Evaluation & Management

  • Hands-on abstract coding of medical and surgical cases

  • Includes CPC Study Guide

  • Includes PowerPoints & handouts

  • Includes a 75 question take home CPC practice exam

  • Quick review of book tabbing, bubbling, and highlighting key sections in your coding books

  • Test taking techniques are covered 

  • Discount on AAPC membership and CPC exam fee

  • Boot camp is taught by licensed certified coding instructors

  • Bonus: includes online CPC® practice exam with built-in timer (must have an active AAPC membership)

  • The following current year or 2023 coding manuals are required for this training (coding manuals are purchased separately):

    • AMA CPT Code Book

    • ICD-10-CM Code Book
    • HCPCS Level II Book
The following are NOT included in the cost of the CPC Boot Camp training:
  1. Coding manuals (code books): AMA CPTICD-10-CM, & HCPCS Level II 
  2. AAPC membership. *Membership is not required for this training, but is required if you plan to purchase and sit for the AAPC national exam.
  3. AAPC CPC Exam fee.  This is purchased separately. 
NOTE:  By participating in our program, the AAPC membership and exam fee are discounted as follows:
  1. AAPC one-year membership discount $140 (reg. $205).
  2. AAPC CPC Exam (in-person) - one-attempt, $375.  Two-attempts, $475
*Once enrolled, students are eligible for the discounts and can purchase directly through AAPC.

3-Day Weekend
CPC Exam Prep
Boot Camp




Metro Atlanta - April 2023

8:00 am - 4:30 pm Eastern Time


Enroll in this interactive, action-pack training class with our dynamic leader and principal instructor, Dr. Simone!! Click here to read what others say about training with Dr. Simone.

Early Bird



until March15th

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